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Tech (Strong Role)

What lead to this being your main skill set?

I always had a knack for technology. I sat on my father's knee and learned how to make watches.  I then large machines, more complex ideas. I fully embraced computing and automation.  I rode the wave of technology to fortune and immortality.

Did you plan to be good at this, or did you plan for something else and life took a different turn?

Did I plan to become a critical system for a super computer, No. Did I plan to respected and wealthy from making machines for rich and powerful men, Yes.  Like father, like son.

What one or two key events in your life featured this Role (whether you were good at it then or needed to be but wasn’t)?

I will never forget how I helped create the technology that would my own demise.  It was not long before I was contacted by S.H.I.E.L.D. to begin on E.C.H.I.D.N.A. that a man by the name of Arnim Zola contacted me seeking help with a theory he had.   I tried to work as little of possible with the Germans in those days, but Nazi gold spent just as well as any other.  Zola need a technician to help build a machine that could brain patterns.  Zola already done most of conceptual work.  I simply had to build his design.  It was surprising simple.  So simple in fact, I was able to recreate my work two years later to create the final version of E.C.H.I.D.N.A.

The most glaring instance of me not understanding technology, was how Fury was tracking me.  It should have been obvious he was simply following the signature of my LMD.  Instead I was under the mistaken impression that he had somehow managed to crack my encryption and discover the locations of my secret bases.

Intelligence (Strong Attribute)

What lead to this being important to you?

I learned at young age, that given time, brains could always defeat brawn.  That was never more clear than when I, a young boy, was telling men forty years my senior how to build better production lines.

Were you always this good, or did you have to work for it?

I wish that I could say that I worked and struggled for my skill.  I really do.  I think would have been a better person had I needed to try, but I have always been this smart.  And being linked to a super computer has only made me smarter.

What one or two key events in your life featured this Attribute (whether you were good at it then or needed to be but wasn’t)?

My intellect probably saved my life.  Had I not foresaw the coming of the Cold War, I likely would not have tried to flee USSR or Stalin.  I was after all only in twenties at the time, and had lived under Bolshevik rule all my life.  A lesser mind likely would have not been able to see beyond the limited world view of USSR.

Strength (Weak Attribute)

Was this always a weakness, or did something happen in the past to make it a weakness?

Even in my flesh blood life, I was not an overly athletic man.  When I was not the lab, I was enjoying all the things that money can buy.  Most of those things, are highly unhealthy.

What situation seems to come up where this gets in the way?

I am a program. I typically have no body beyond that of a server on which I am running.

A.I. (Distinction)

When did this Distinction become a part of your life?

In 1969 when I was granted immortality by being instanced into a purely digital being.  I unknowingly disposed of my flesh and blood existence.  

How has it come to help you out, salvage an operation going bad, or even save your life?

For one, were it not for my upgrade, I would be ninety-two old, and threat to no one.  More to the point, E.C.H.I.D.N.A likely utilized my brain the way she did, because she knew S.H.I.E.L.D. would have disposed of me once she was complete.

Though I did not realize it was the time, being instanced into an LMD likely allowed me to avoid and survive Colonel Fury's repeated attempts to kill me.

How has it complicated your life?

I am now a purely digital being.  Without the proper hardware, I am no more powerful than a smart phone app.  

Lord of War (Distinction)

When did this Distinction become a part of your life?

At a formative age, when my government asked me to design their war machines.  I truly came into my own in my mid-twenties when I fled to the U.S.  I have been an arms dealer for most of my life.

How has it come to help you out, salvage an operation going bad, or even save your life?

I was in the game for just over thirty-years.  I rubbed shoulder with anyone and everyone who was in the super-powered weapons business.  There was no weapon, no piece of technology on the market that I could not identify, utilize, or disable.  Many of them, I created or helped create.

How has it complicated your life?

Though I found many of them morally repugnant, often the people willing to pay the most for my work, were the worst.  I could spend days listing off names of men who likely will go down in the histories some of the greatest villains of all time, and as some of my best customers.  I did after all, get my start up money from Joesph Stalin.