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Atef, Mahmoud

: Iblis
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Nemesis: Punisher
Prison: The Golden Boughs Retirement Village
Leverage: Turned himself in to the US government when he discovered a job he'd been hired to do was part of an elaborate assassination attempt on the President. Offered evidence leading to the plot being foiled and the rest of the team being rolled up. Snatched up by Waller for new TFX team, in return for a new identity promised to keep him hidden from The Network, the League, the Punisher, and his old crew (one or two of which have probably managed to escape custody).

Born and raised in Israel / Palestine. Recruited into PLF (Palestine Liberation Front) at 16. Involved in some sort of magic ritual, along with 4 others, to infuse them all with shadow magic, of which was the sole survivor. Used by the PLF and affiliated terrorist organizations (collectively The Network) as a spy and assassin for ~10 years, gradually became disillusioned with the struggle. "Audtioned" for membership in the Society of Shadows, but didn't mesh well with their organization and its philosophy. Manipulated The Network into granting control over a long-term undercover operation spanning several nations, primarily the US, and used as a cover to slip out from their control and go solo. Operated mostly along the east coast (New York, Boston, Miami were 3 favorite cities to work in). Bumped into Punisher multiple times, but always managed to slip the noose.
Name Rank
Alertness d10
Intelligence d10
Strength d6
Vitality d8

Name Rank
Brains d6
Face d4
Muscle d4
Sneak d10
Tech d8

Name Rank
Plot Points 5

Secret Origins
Baptism of Fire
Carry On For Us
Point of No Return
To Be a Villain
Name Role Activation Effect
Obtenebration / Shadow Play Sneak When shadows are present. Reshape existing shadows, changing their shape, darkness and even causing them to move independently of the objects casting them.
Obtenebration / Night Sight Sneak Whenever in darkness. See in total darkness. 
Obtenebration / Night Step Sneak When shadows are present.

Accelerated Activation: When another person is present. Spend a Plot Point.
Instantaneously travel between two shadows, stepping into one and out of another.

Accelerated Effect: Your guest travels across the Shadows with you.
Obtenebration / Shroud of Night Sneak When shadows are present.

Accelerated Activation: When no shadows are present. Spend a Plot Point.
Strengthen the existing Shadows, plunging the area into complete darkness.

Accelerated Effect: Create an area of darkness, swallowing and suppressing light, except sunlight.
Obtenebration / Dark Sight
Whenever Shadows are present in the user's location and a desired viewing location.  Watch and listen through any shadow in the world.

Name Role Rank
Target Location Sneak d6
Easy Conversationalist Face d6


Name Rank
Dreams of Selene d8
Best Thief in the World d6
Always Has a Way Out d6