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Darin Wellers

Alias: Dane, Shift
Gender: Male
Nemesis: Professor X
Prison: Alcatraz Island
LeverageWhere was I when S.W.O.R.D found me?Looking for my parents, living off my trust fund that I had managed to get access to through the family Lawyer, William Carlson.  He handles the subterfuge necessary to keep me in money and the shadows.  He is my only real tie to my old life.  

S.W.O.R.D. had me in that damn cage.  I couldn't escape without it catching up to me. She knew the truth, now, and could prove it.
When I found out that the bastards that came for me parents eventually killed them, I played along with Waller when she had followed up on my tickles that I knew where they were.  We worked on a plan, and I decided to help her find them, pretending that I wanted them to come to justice for what they had done.

When we finally found them, I made sure I was on camera looking like Amanda and shot both of those bastards in the head, executioner style.  I dropped the gun and went into hiding.  

She eventually caught me and showed me the evidence that she knew about my power and had evidence to put me away if I didn’t work with her.  She also had a long list of my other, less heinous felonies that would have kept me behind bars for the rest of my life, and then some.  She told me if I worked for her on a few jobs, it would all go away.

Fat chance.  I know they can kill me at anytime, and that am too much of a threat to just let go.  The bitch is going to kill me.  She doesn't scare me, really, but the thought of being her slave does.

I will just let her keep thinking that I am afraid of her, though.  No one can hold me for long.  I will just become someone else.

I will just Shift.

Darin grew up in Boston, the son of prominent politically connected parents.  He was fed by the proverbial silver spoon.  Because of the risk of kidnapping, he was never left alone, making him restless.  And crafty.  His silver tongue was enough to make even the best of his guards easily fooled.  He would slip off to be alone or interact with the staff away from them until the guards caught up to him. 

This cat and mouse game went on for years, but he would always be caught.  Until the day his parents disappeared.  And he discovered his gift.  

The gunfire was deafening and the guards locked him in the safe room at the back of the house.  He hid in the room, waiting for the guards to come for him.  There was intense gunfire for several minutes, getting closer and closer to his room.  He hid slipped out into the hall, and down the stairs to the basement, where he had snuck out many times.

He heard a few shots, but he kept going to the outside of the house.  There were several men in suits there, and he grew afraid.  He concentrated on their outfits, the shape of their chins, the colors of their skin and hair, studying them for something he could to convince them he was someone else, as he had in his many games.  As he did so, he felt his body change.

He looked down and his skin was slightly darker, matching the men ahead of him.  His polo became a tailored shirt and suit jacket, his Armani shoes into the simple black number the men were wearing.  
“This will work,” he thought, and walked to the men.  


I could tell the Professor wasn't pleased with me, but that didn't really matter.  He had already read my mind enough to know what I wanted.  

But he didn't know what I was really planning.  I could mask my thoughts to look like simple schoolboy thoughts – girls, studies, getting into trouble.  It wasn't perfect, but if someone got the thoughts they expected, they didn't dig deeper.  My skill as a chameleon was getting better, although not in the way the Professor and the other teachers expected.  I would do average with my shifting, make sure I projected distracted or frustrated thoughts so the Professor would keep from probing me, and I would be sent back to study.  

I would then slip out at night, as whoever I wanted to be, and walk the grounds.  I wasn't ready to leave yet, as I hadn't learned where they where.  I couldn't      get that information yet.  Soon.


Magneto was a fantastic teacher.  With the time he has spent with Mystique, he knew exactly how to push me to get my skills to their utmost.  He didn't waste time trying to teach me the morality lessons that they had shown me at the mansion, although he made me promise never to harm a mutant without extreme need.  That seemed easy, as I never really harm anyone, although I had left a few in compromising positions where they wouldn't make it.
Name Rank Rate Name Rank Rate Name Rank Rate
Covert d12 6 Steal d4 2 Notice d8 4
Disguise   d6  3 Disable - - Alert d4 2
Follow d6 3 Forge d4 2 Evaluate - -
Hide d4 2 Scrounge - - Focus d4 2
Sneak d4 2 Swipe d4 2 Observe d4 2
Stash - - Unlock - - Sense d4 2

Name Rank Rate Name Rank Rate Name Rank Rate
Escape d6 3 Talk d10 5 Fight 0 0
Climb d4 2 Deceive d4 2 Aim - -
Orient d4 2 Endear d4 2 Brawl - -
Pilot d4 2 Negotiate d4 2 Dodge - -
Run - - Provoke d6 3 Heal - -
Swim - - React - - Strike - -

Name Cost Effect
Shapeshift 1 Reroll Covert Die
Shift Thoughts        1 Reroll Talk Die
- - -
- - -
- - -
Name Rank
Profession 1d4
Bits 1

Name Rank Rate
Mutant d8 4
One-Step Ahead d10 5
Silver-tongue d6 3
- - -
- - -

Name Rank Rate
.357 Magnum d8 4
Armani Suit d8 4
High-End Tablet d10 5
Sports Car d8 4
- - -

Name Rank Rate
Gold Coin (used as payment for killing my parents) d6 3
Shield Badge d4 2
- - -
- - -
- - -