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Version 2 [Current]


You are a member of the Organization. A group that has existed since before Rome. It’s had many names over the years; The Guild, The Brotherhood, The Agency. Always vague, always secret. The Organization brings the bonds of fraternity to an unruly group of individuals. Before you joined the Organization and became a Professional you were a Freelancer, but those days are behind you now. You are no longer out for yourself. Now you have a family.

While “Professional” might sound like a polite term for a thief but it implies membership in an Organization of Thieves  Thieves who treat their craft like a trade and want to protect its secrets. These Professionals have passed their knowledge down from generation to generation and, in some ways, have had a subtle impact on the world. The Organization is not a clandestine order bent on global domination, but a collection of like minded, like skilled individuals interested in working together for a greater cause. Or bigger score.

There are as many kinds of Professionals as there are members of the Organization. Some call themselves bandits others burglars. Mugger, pickpocket, pirate, con artist, or highway man the name they use doesn't matter, what matters the job. Their profession. Each and every member of the Organization has one goal in mind; to take something from someone else. It could be their money, their possessions, or the life. Professionals take from others.

What is it that I like about thieves?
  1. Avoidance. A thief never wants to tackle anything heads on. They need to think about their problem, some up with clever or creative solutions, and avoid conflict at all costs. Nobody ever knows a good thief was even around until they realize something is missing. 
    • This is the idea being the "precision" mechanic. Instead of tackling a problem head on (simply beating a Target Number), the Character needs to look at what's in play and pick the right advantages for the job.
  2. Competency. Thieves need to be highly skilled, trained, and talented people. Things like sleight of hand, palming, and lock picking all take years to master. While there is room for thieves to grow and learn I like when success is the default outcome.
    • This is shown in how difficult it is for the Characters to actually Fail a roll. Often times Failure comes as choice, often between a Success with a Failure or two Partial Successes.
  3. Teamwork. There are a lot of good stories about solo thieves but to pull off the big heists you always need a crew. It’s easy to fall into the loner mentality when playing a thief in a group of adventurers, but when you’re in a group thieves there needs to be more trust and respect. 
    • This is why every character has a Skill group they are missing and the Profession stat is a shared resource. A single Character can do a lot, but they can't do everything.