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Old Skills


Being able to slip into the shadows, tail a mark, or pass as a guard can mean the difference between jail and freedom or even life and death.


Put this on. A little bit of makeup. Wear this wig. Disguise is used whenever you need to appear as someone, or something, else. If you're trying to change the way you look, add Disguise. 


There he is. Follow him to the score. Don't let him see you. Follow is what you use when you need to tail someone to a location without being seen. If you're trying to trail someone, add Follow.


Hold your breath. Don't even move. Wait for the danger to pass. Then resume your work. Hiding is what you use whenever you're trying to be completely overlooked. If you're trying to stay still and not be seen, add Hide. 


Step softly. Move slowly. Don't get noticed. Stick to the shadows. Sneak is what you use when you're trying to move around without drawing attention to yourself. If you're trying to silently move around, add Sneak.


Hide an object. Nobody will ever find it. Keep it safe. Stash is what you use whenever you're trying to hide an item somewhere. This can be in a location or on your person. Having the perfect pocket in your coat that no one will ever notice is just the same as knowing about a tree knot that is just off the walking path. If you're trying to keep something secret, add Stash.


If Covert is the thief's best friend then Steal is his parents. What good is a thief who can't steal anything? Stealing is more than just taking something though. The ability to pick locks, forge replicas, and disable alarms are all parts of getting the loot.


Cutting a tripline. Padding an alarm bell. Overriding a computer system. Disable is used whenever a systems is in place that would alert anyone near-by or harm you if you activated.


Sculpting an imposter. Copying handwriting. Creating a duplicate painting. Forge is used whenever a replica needs to be made to swap out with an original.


Digging through drawers. Searching bookshelves. Dumpster diving. Scrounge is used whenever you need to toss a room or find something that you don't know where it is. 


Stealing wallets. Lifting security badges. Switching out bags. Swipe is used whenever you want to take something off of a person who's awake and alert.


Setting tumbler pins. Spinning safe dials. Forcing door jams. Unlock is used to get by security measures designed to prevent entry to a location.


The ability to steal something won't matter one lick if you can't pay attention to your surroundings. From just keeping your wits about you to buckling down and paying attention your ability to notice can give you an advantage on the job that no other skill can.


Keeping your wits about you. Checking your corners. Looking both ways. Alert is used whenever you're doing a task but don't want to lose track of your surroundings.


Estimating values. Uncovering secrets. Evaluate is a critical look at an item or location in an attempt to gauge a specific detail about it.


Tuning out distractions. Paying attention to a single detail. Focus is used whenever you need to shut down your other Notice abilities. It's kind of the opposite of the other skills, instead of paying attention you try to focus only on your task at hand.


Watching a group of people. Analyzing patrol routes. Noticing a person's behavior. Observe is used whenever you're trying to pay attention to a person or group of people.


Noticing an odd smell. Tasting something in the air. Hearing a distant sound. Sense is used whenever you call on your non-visual senses to pick out a detail.


Bumbling your way around is no way to go through life, and a luxury a thief can not allow himself. Escape is more than just getting out of somewhere, it's also used to get in. Climbing walls, controlling a vehicle, or swimming are all determined by Escape skills.


Scale a wall. Shimmy up a rope. Climb is used whenever you need to move up a surface or from one tier to the next.


Find true North. Navigating a maze. Orient is used whenever you need to find you way or navigate a city.


Controlling a boat. Driving a car. Pilot is used whenever your steering a vehicle.


Moving quickly across a yard. Beating someone somewhere. Run is used whenever you move quickly under the power of your own two legs.


Diving under the waves. Swimming to a location. Swim is used whenever you're dealing with moving through water.


Most thieves overlook the ability to talk your way into or out of places. Good talkers don't need to sulk in the shadows, they get to walk right up to the lord of the house and be invited in. Talking covers everything from lying, to goading, and even knowing how to respond.


Lying. Misleading. Half-Truths. Deceive is used whenever you don't want to tell someone something.


Charming. Compliments. Bribes. Endear is used whenever you want to butter someone up to you.


Bartering. Haggling. Getting the deal. Negotiate is used whenever someone has something you want and doesn't want to give it to you.


Goading. Flipping the bird. Taunting. Provoke is used whenever you really want to just piss someone off.


Controlling your temper. Knowing the right words. Smiling and nodding. React is used when someone is trying to pull something over on you.


The best fight is the one that's avoided, but sometimes that's just not an option. The ability to shoot a bow or swing a sword can greatly increase your survival rate. Dealing damage, getting out of the way, and mending your wounds are all part of fighting.


Bows. Firearms. Rocks. Aim is used whenever you're using a ranged weapon.


Punches. Kicks. Headbutts. Brawl is used whenever you're not using any weapon.


Juking. Diving. Sliding. Dodge is used whenever you're trying to avoid getting hurt.


Stitches. Salves. Bandages. Heal is used whenever you're trying to treat your injuries.


Swords. Clubs. Axes. Strike is used whenever you're using a melee weapon.