Covert Steal Notice Escape Talk Fight
Drop Disable Alert Air Endear Aim
Hide Swipe Focus Land Provoke Brawl
Sneak Unlock Observe Sea React Strike


The Art of Avoidance. The Covert skill is used whenever things need to remain under the radar. 


The Art of the Dead Drop. Hide an object. Nobody will ever find it. Keep it safe. Stash is what you use whenever you're trying to hide an item somewhere. This can be in a location or on your person. Having the perfect pocket in your coat that no one will ever notice is just the same as knowing about a tree knot that is just off the walking path. When you need to putting something somewhere it won't be found, use Drop.


The Art of Staying Still. Hold your breath. Don't even move. Wait for the danger to pass. Then resume your work. This can be knowing just the right angle to stay out of someone's eye-line or being quick enough to jump through an open door at a moment's notice. When you need to stay still and not be seen, use Hide.


The Art of Silent Movement. Step softly. Move slowly. Don't let him see you. Stick to the shadows. You might be creeping around in the rafters or trying to keep an eye on a target. Whatever your reason, you're moving and not drawing attention to yourself. When you need to move around and not being seen, use Sneak.


The Art of Taking. The Steal skill is used whenever you need to take something that belongs to someone else.


The Art of Deactivation. Cutting a trip-line. Padding an alarm bell. Overriding a computer system. If a system would alert someone or harm you if you activated then you need that system to not work. Whenever you need something to just stop working, add Disable.


The Art of Grabbing. Stealing wallets. Lifting security badges. Kidnapping People. It can be as small as a coin or as large as a building. Size doesn't matter, ownership does. When you need to take something that doesn't belong to you, use Swipe.


The Art of Opening. Setting tumbler pins. Spinning safe dials. Forcing door jams. When there are security measures designed to prevent entry to a location then you need to get by them. Whenever something is preventing you from getting somewhere, add Unlock.


The Art of Seeing. The Notice skill is used to keep track of your environment.


The Art of Awareness. Keeping your wits about you. Checking your corners. Looking both ways. This is for all those times when there is nothing specific you're looking for but you need to keep an eye on things. Whenever you want to be aware of your surroundings, add Alert.


The Art of Concentration. Tuning out distractions. Paying attention to a single detail. Putting on blinders. It could be that you need the rest of the world to just shut up for a moment or that whatever you're doing takes total concentration. Whenever you need to pay attention to something, use Focus.


The Art of Watching. Analyzing patrol routes. Uncovering secrets. Noticing a person's behavior. You might be scanning a crowd of people or sorting through a stack of papers. Whenever you know what you're looking for, use Observe.


The Art of Moving. The Escape skill is used to get around your environment.


The Art of Wind. Jumping across rooftops. Repelling down a building. Flying a Plane. You're not afraid to push off from the ground and soar through the sky. When you're in the clouds, use Air.


The Art of Earth. Moving quickly across a yard. Scaling a wall. Driving a car. You know what to do as long as your feet, wheels, or treads, stay in contact with solid ground. When you're staying grounded, use Land.


The Art of Sea. Swimming upstream. Diving under the water. Controlling a boat. You know how to handle yourself on or in the water. When you're getting wet, use Sea.


The Art of Socializing. The Talk skill is used to manipulate people.


The Art of Nice. Being Charming. Giving Compliments. Paying Bribes. You could be trying to get on someone's good side, or convince them they need to be on yours. Whenever you want someone to like you, use Endear.


The Art of Mean. Goading an enemy. Flipping the bird. Hurling taunts. For those times when need to piss someone off or convince them not to make you angry. Whenever you want someone to hate you, use Provoke.


The Art of Self. Controlling your temper. Smiling and nodding. Making an proper exit. Everyone wants you to feel a certain way about them but you need to make up your own mind. Whenever you need to avoid being manipulated, use React.


The Art of Harm. The Fight skill is used to deal with bodily harm.


The Art of Range. Shooting arrows. Firing guns. Throwing rocks. What you're using doesn't matter nearly as much as how far they are away from you. Whenever you want to hurt someone at a distance, use Aim.


The Art of Fists. Punching a face. Kicking a chest. Choking a neck. For those times when you don't have anything but your bare hands and  someone needs to feel pain. Whenever you want to hurt someone with your body, use Brawl.


The Art of Weapons. Wielding a sword. Swinging an ax. Bludgeoning with a club. This is what you need when you have a weapon in your hands and you want to hurt someone with it. Whenever you want to hurt someone with a weapon, use Strike.