You’re not from around here. Maybe you’re from Mars, some planet billions of light years away, or the ocean. This gives you access to all sorts of possibilities from vast cosmic knowledge to a unique biology. Unfortunately it also means some Earth customs or commonalities are crippling to you.

Examples: Sinestro (DC), Galactus (Marvel), and The Plutonian (Irredeemable)


You can command forces of the arcane. Maybe you earned them in some test of valor, stole from from a God on high, or are simply a creature of the pits. You have the unique ability to hand wave almost every problem with your “magic” but tampering with the fabrics of reality is always risky business.

Examples: Black Adam (DC), Enchantress (Marvel), and Violator (Spawn)

Artificial Intelligence

You’re a programmed sentience not reliant on a single body. You’re able to do anything a computer can do, often at a spread several millions times faster than your human counterparts. There are some physical draw backs to not having a physical body and you’re always having to slow down to communicate with the meat bodies.

Examples: Brainiac (DC), Ultron (Marvel), and Modeus (Irredeemable)


You have a particular set of skills but no real superpowers. Maybe you’ve honed your mind or your body to peak perfection or have training that’s exceptionally exclusive. You’re able to go toe to toe with people who are your super-superiors but will always have the same human failings. Like not being able to come back from a bullet to the face.

Examples: Lex Luthor (DC), Kingpin (Marvel), and Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


You’re a character, or creature, from legend. This opens up a huge can of worms for you as people and creatures from legends are insanely powerful in their domain but heavily restricted to it. You might be able to move mountains but you also have some quaint folksy weakness. Like not being able to cross running water.

Examples: Ares (DC), Loki (Marvel), and The Adversary (Fables)


You have a technological advantage. You have access to technology that most people haven’t even dreamed of. Maybe it’s a prototype, some sort of future tech, or just a lot of money to throw at a problem. Still, take away all of your fancy toys and you’re pretty much the weakest kid on the playground.

Examples: Bane (DC), Green Goblin (Marvel), and Baron Blade (Sentinels of the Multiverse)


You were born normal but transformed into something more. Experiments and accidents, sometimes intentional but often accidental, are the typically sources of these powers. It’s likely you remember what being normal felt like but that doesn’t mean you want it back. Of course, who knows what kinds of insane side-effects you’re going to have to deal with.

Examples: Poison Ivy (DC), Red Skull (Marvel), and Kroenen (Hellboy)


You were born with a genetic anomaly and never stood a chance at normalcy. From a young age you’ve been singled out and persecuted. If you were lucky you could hide your condition, but that’s not always the case. The possibilities for your power are endless but so are the drawbacks. Lets hope it’s nothing too terrible.

Examples: Killer Croc (DC), Magneto (Marvel), and Citizen Dawn (Sentinels of the Multiverse)


You have a severe mental condition that separates you from the pack. Your mental instability doesn’t likely cause your powers but it certainly doesn’t help you control it. Psychopaths are a horrible grab back of powers and problems.

Examples: The Joker (DC), Carnage (Marvel), and Roark Junior (Sin City)


You were exposed to something that would kill normal people but have somehow bonded with it. You’re likely not a treat to be around in any case and are a real danger to those around you. Of all the villains in the world you are often the least responsible for the damage you cause. Still, just being near you can kill a person.

Examples: Blight (DC), The Hulk (Marvel), and Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen)


You are dependent on mechanical apparatuses, at least mostly. You might be a cyborg or a total machine which gives you access to some really sweet built-in gear and the ability to interface with computers. Of course, you’ve still only got the one body and you need to avoid taking too much damage.

Examples: Metallo (DC), Sentinels (Marvel), and Omnitron (Sentinels of the Multiverse)


You require some unique treatment or containment that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. There isn’t even someone close to your abilities that you could get lumped in with. You’re so unique that it’s impossible to even speculate on your strengths and weaknesses.

Examples: Dr. Freeze (DC), Graviton (Marvel), and The Dreamer (Sentinels of the Multiverse)