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Issue #3

Carry on for Us

"Get out of the Squad before it poisons you." – Rick Flag Jr.

Issue Preview

After taking out Baron Zemo, returning the Amazons to the control of Selene, and coming to an agreement with Deadshot, the Squad packs up and prepares to trek through the jungles. With a two-day trip ahead they have plenty of time to get to know each other, and learn a bit about the Suicide Squad from Deadshot.

Issue Podcast

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Issue Notes

Everything is black. The hellish trek out of the jungles and down the rivers has left the Squad wary, worn, wet, and ready for the bliss of sleep. A few hours ago, before it was too dark to travel, they set up camp on one of the river islands. Croc had caught fish for supper and most are grateful to not eat MREs. After watch was set and everyone laid down to rest most had dreams mundane and undisturbed. For Mahmoud, however, his dreams are of darker things, black things.

In the morning, as the Squad begins to break down camp, they hear a voice calling out to them from across the river, "Hello? Hello! I'm unarmed! I've come to talk!"