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Issue #2

Baptism of Fire

"I just need something to believe in. Or maybe someone who believes in me. " – Clint Barton

Issue Preview

Recruited by Amanda Waller for the newly reformed Task Force X, or Suicide Squad, a half-dozen of society’s worst are deployed to South America to track down and eliminate the notorious Deadshot, who's plotting the assassination of Brazil's President.

Issue Podcast
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Issue Notes

Everything is black. Then comes the deafening sound of wind rushing past and the troubling sensation of falling. As the squad recovers from what they are quickly identifying as a clearly drug induced stupor they find themselves thousands of feet in the air and falling fast.  Below them stretches a vast jungle and it grows closer every second. Then a short chirp in their head catches their attention, following by the sound of Amanda Waller's voice echoing through their cranium. "Welcome to the Amazon."

Waller's voice, fed through the implants deep within their brain, rings out. "You're here to track down Floyd Lawton and eliminate him with extreme prejudice. ECHIDNA has a detailed briefing on the target but let me make one thing clear; Lawton is extremely dangerous. In order to accomplish your mission ECHIDNA has been given the location of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent deployed to the region. You will rendezvous with him and find out what he knows. From there its up to you to accomplish the objective and get to the extraction point. This is a deniable operation. I'll be monitoring your progress for the duration of the mission but must maintain radio silence. There are only two ways this mission can end; either you accomplish your objective or you die. Now. Get to work."