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Issue #8

Dead Ernest

"What do you know of justice? Behind bars or beyond them, these people never change." – Lady Shiva

Issue Preview

With E.C.H.I.D.N.A. in hand the team as decided to relocate to Madrid and setup operations for the League. However, before they can start their new job they will need to make a stop in Boston to deal with Andy's daughter.

Issue Podcast

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Issue Notes

Fade in. The sound of helicopter blades fills the sky. Moments later a chopper sets down on the landing pad of an office building just outside of Boston. The team pours out of the chopper, all dressed in civilian clothing for the first time in as long as they can remember. David Cain hangs half out of the chopper, an envelop in his hands. He calls out to the team, "Here's your bus passes. This will get you into Brookline, a few blocks from the Pollard's house. I'll be back in three hours, so make whatever you're doing quick." With that he bangs on the side of the chopper a few times, the chopper starts to take off as Cain pulls the sliding door closed.