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Volume Zero

Slices of Life

# Title Date
009 “Choice of Evils” ???
Europe has a vastly different landscape for superhumans when compared to America. Governments are far less tolerant of vigilantes and the wanton destruction that follows them. The common people are less prone to hero worship and, generally, just wish the costumed crusaders would leave them alone. Madrid, in particular, has a distinct lack of Heroes. This is the story of Madrid's last public Hero and what went wrong.

Becoming is a game about heroism and sacrifice. It’s about what it takes to be a hero, what you have to give up in order to save the people important to you, and the home you have to leave behind. It’s about making hard choices in the face of relentless adversity, and it’s about giving up pieces of yourself in order to make sure you succeed. Find out more at

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