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Waller, Dr. Amanda Blake

: The Wall
Gender: Female
Age: 72

"You know, the Lord's been a great comfort to me all these years. Try not to look so surprised. Yeah, I've got a lot to answer for when I meet him, but I'd like to believe that for all the harm I've caused, I've also done some good. Maybe the angels need a sharp sword too."

Three Things
  1.  Amanda Blake grew up in the crime-ridden Cabrini-Green area of Chicago. At the age of 18 she married the 20-year-old Joseph Waller, and they quickly had a large family together. Her first child, Joe Jr., was killed in a mugging. Her second child, Damita, was raped and murdered. Her husband in his pursuit of their daughter's killer was shot dead. Amanda swore that the streets would take no more of her family and put all of herself and her other children through college, earning a political science degree.
Name Rank
Agility d4
Alertness d10
Intelligence d10
Strength d6
Vitality d4
Willpower d6

Name Rank
Brains d10
Face d8
Muscle d4
Sneak d4
Tech d6

Name Role Activation Effect

Name Role Rank

Not Good, Not Bad, Only Assets.
I hope some day you'll join us and the world will live as one