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What is Earth-592?

To my Suicide Squad players: I know you've had to jump sites a few times now (From Obsidian Portal to Google Sites to Google Sites hosted by and now to here) but, hopefully, this is the last site jump. I wish I had a better way to re-direct traffic, but I'm still operating within someone else's (Google's) toolbox. The short reason for this last jump is that I may be running multiple games within the same game world. The longer reason is below in the Why create an Earth-592 site? section.

What is Earth-592?

Earth 592 is a world much like our own, with a history similar but markedly different. The beginner's guide to Earth 592's history can be found here. The general premise behind Earth-592 is that various comic book characters exist within a backdrop similar to our world's comic book industry history. The industry history is adjusted slightly to apply to the characters themselves, instead of to publishing companies. It's also a reality where characters from multiple companies all exist side by side. Finally, it's a reality where it's creator gets to play and twist characters around. There are a lot of familiar faces here but some different takes on those characters than anyone has seen in a comic book.

Why the 592 designation?

The two largest American comic book companies have separate numeric designations for their various worlds\universes\realities. In choosing which numeric designation I would use for this world I did a little math. First, I figured out which Earth was our realty, the one where companies like Marvel and DC exist and characters are wholly fictional. For DC it's Earth 33 (not to be confused with Earth-33) and for Marvel it's Earth-1218. I then figured out what Earth number is directly between the two, as this game is set in a reality where both continuities exist, and came up with Earth-592. Technically, the middle point is Earth-592.5 but I felt the decimal designation was a bit much. I then double checked to make sure neither Marvel or DC already had an Earth-592 reality and luckily they didn't. Thus, Earth-592 was born.

Why create an Earth-592 site?

Originally this setting was being used to run a Suicide Squad game and nothing else. Then came interest in another game set in the same fictional universe. Since the previous site was pretty heavily branded Suicide Squad I decided to copy all of it's content over here and setup a site dedicated to the fictional game universe that both gaming groups could share. While this is a hassle for my Suicide Squad players (I've already had them jump sites a few times) this opens up the platform for a lot of future storytelling.